FRUBARQGO - The Shrouded Shadows edition

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When it comes to face cards stylish would be an understatement. The personages who make up the royalty, jacks, and jokers are clad in actual pieces from both brands
that have been highly sought after by celebrity stylists and their clientele.

The boxes that encase the cards feature mottos of both brands as well as clever messaging that speaks to adventure, uncertainty, wit, and triumph.

Perfect for: Card games, Cardistry, Show and tell, Card Collections,
Stocking stuffers, Gift exchanges, Hat decor, and more!

What they say about it!

“This is a whole situation, I freaking love it! RUN WITH THAT!”
-Catrina the Creative (The Creative Style Haus)

“Absolutely stunning”
-Travis Weaver (Manready Mercnatile)

“Beautifully dark in an elegant way”
-Ken Asobo (H. Lorenzo)

“Creative as all get out”
-J Bolin (ShopJBolin)