While briskly walking down a back alley in Paris one winter afternoon, I came across a hidden antique shop. 

As I opened the door and walked inside the shadows shifted for a split moment and something in the back of the shop caught my eye. I walked towards the back of the shop keeping my eyes trained on the spot that had once again become shrouded in shadows. 

Upon reaching the back of the shop I was met with a ship housed in a dark glass bottle and a chest full of old coinage dating back to Louis XIV. As I peered into the dark glass I heard the creak of the front door and the clanging of welcome bells as another guest tumbled in out of the cold. Right before the door closed the streak of light returned for a split second and shone upon the bottled ship illuminating what looked like some type of painting behind it. 

I removed the ship and shifted over the chest of coins. My eyes beheld a map printed on a physician’s bag. 

Though the bag was vintage it didn’t slouch or appear fragile, but instead sat upright and robust in a stately manner. It looked as if it had seen many seasons and held their secrets within. It was comprised of stiff canvas and hearty hide, I assume the remnants of strong sails and bindings from an explorer’s ship. The enchanting map motif on the exterior was simply captivating. Interlaced with the map were depictions of mysterious wonders, travel vessels, and artifacts of exploration. The subtleties and attention to detail were reminiscent of artists long gone. 

Once back at the atelier I worked with my team of experts to study this bag and carefully examine every detail. We then painstakingly reengineered it for today’s rigors while maintaining its old-world charm.  

Behold the MEDICUS Doctor-Bag!

2 color-ways available: Cognac Amaretto and Cookie & Cream.

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