About Us

MBARQGO is pronounced "em-bahr-goh".

An embargo can be defined as a restraint, a hindrance, or a prohibition of goods from one place to another. Life at times has a way of presenting 'embargoes' in our paths. However as resilient individuals, we owe it to ourselves, to strap up and get around these obstacles by any means necessary. The idea of MBARQGO is centered on the free movement of an individual and his or her goods.
We have to "Mbarq" on our own journeys, "Go" forth and get that which we seek.

We, the MBARQGO team, make it our duty to provide you with the quality essentials. Our handcrafted pieces are made in limited runs from the richest and noblest materials available. They are designed to appease those with a refined sense of style as well as ensure a durability that will last.

Our goods will give you the ability to break through the barriers and bottlenecks of life and carry yours, whether around the block or around the world...

The idea was born in 2004 while one of the founding members was on his first solo overseas trip. "I realized how important it was to keep one's valuables safe and in one piece, and I knew there must be others with the same concerns."

Slowly but surely the small idea started to take form. Trips were taken, prototypes were made, the dream team was being sought out and formed.
We would tell each other "carry your own weight." That term went on to become one of MBARQGO's central themes. What does weight mean? We break it down as one's personal goods, one's self, and one's community.

Currently, MBARQGO is comprised of a close knit international team focused on providing choice goods to small groups worldwide that resist settling for second best.