The Evasion Eyewear

The journey through the wormhole’s wilderness was a rough one. The terrain that they encountered was tougher than any they had experienced thus far. To the naked eye everything around them looked dismal, desolate, and downright dangerous. 

The scene was foreboding to the point that most people would have been frozen with fear. 

But they saw things differently. What was before their eyes had them anxious with excitement and anticipation. 

By a stroke of good fortune we were able to obtain their secret to share with you.

Say hello to The Evasion Eyewear by MBARQGO

Stainless steel frames boasting a design that’s equal parts elegance and edge paired with UV400 coated lenses. 

Not only will they protect you from the harsh rays during these dog days of summer. 

They will filter your point of view and help you see realms that others don’t, and access realities that others won’t. 

You will enjoy how your focus and tunnel-vision are enhanced by the Shades’ ability to block the evil side-eye of the envious and deter the distraction of disbelievers. 

Each colorway possesses different core properties and pulls in distinct light-codes from the invisible spectrum. 

Collect all 6 for the full force hexagonal experience. 

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