Carry Freedom

In 2012, we came across a wrenching story of human struggle, children trapped in a system of modern day slavery, better known as the Restavek system. We have been transformed from spectators to active participants doing what we know to bring about change.

We invite you to join hands with us in this fight by giving your support at any capacity to our Indiegogo campaign; from sharing this information or to making a pledge of your own!

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This new collection of bags and accessories is directly inspired by this fight for freedom with every single point of detail selected and chosen to best communicate Libre or liberation.

▪ The weathered texture of the materials is used to speak to a harsh childhood.
▪ The chunky bronze metallic hardware and leather cuffs represent bonds that once held and still hold many others.
▪ The hand etched and finished Haitian metal artwork from oil drums show the blood, sweat, and tears of this movement.
▪ The military design testifies to the fight to go forward.
▪ The paintings of freedom by former child slaves found on the scarves and lining of the bags give glimpses to the hopes and dreams that bubble inside of all of us.

This is both art and activism, resulting from a collaboration with the Restavek Freedom Foundation, former children living in Restavek, and the spirit of the beautiful country of Haiti. A portion of proceeds from the purchases will go towards paying the school fees & housing for rescued Restaveks and the ability to save more trapped in bondage.