The Beauty of Marseille



France is not only Paris! The South of France is also a place full of culture, delicious food, and enchantment!


Marseille, is a beautiful city, with a rich and rewarding history. Its Vieux-Port (understand Old Harbor), its world famous sardines, the singsong accent of the locals, the blue sky and its dreamy coves make this city one that will excite all five senses. 

Marseille has been a long time point of entry for those coming to France in search of a better life, for that reason it is normal to see many different cultures and influences represented here. 

In comparison to Paris, people take more time to appreciate the little pleasures of life.  A smile is easy to share, a stroll along the sea to appreciate a wonderful sunset is common place, and a game of petanque (similar to horse shoes) is a favorite among friends.


In Marseille there is a strong feeling of belonging, felt with the support to their soccer team. The locals enjoy life here and those who have left still cherish it in their hearts. Now as you there are cities that are cities that are indifferent and there are those that will generate strong opinions of either like or dislike. Marseille is the later, either you will love it or hate it...I guess its safe to say that I love it!


If you have the chance to visit France do yourself a favor and experience the magic of this great city!

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