Where to travel in autumn?

Do you want to extend your summer tan, catch a little culture, or swim in turquoise?

Some of you love to extend summer time, avoid the touristic season and high prices, or just like to enjoy the autumn season abroad. Traveling in autumn is a nice way to get away a last time before winter arrives.

Here are 3 destinations to visit during September, October and November:


1. For that last bit of summer sun: Sevilla, Spain

With an average verano temperature of 104°F Seville can be a bit of a scorcher and makes vacationing there during the months of June through August feel like a trip to Hades. On the other hand, early Autumn in Seville is said to be heaven on earth.

The scent of oranges hangs in the air like a magic spell, and after siesta time the locals meander the streets to meet up under the shade at their favorite watering holes to sip on local libations. Traveling is all about new experiences so venture off the path of your go to beverage and ask the barkeep for one of the signature sangria blends with some tapas.

Sevilla has the advantage of being flat, so it is easy to stroll along the streets, discovering tucked away neighborhoods which are still enchanted by some of the Moorish flair.

To cool off a bit after your walk, go to one of the rooftop pools or visit the fabulous amusement park Isla Mágica.


2. For fall color - Ontario, Canada


If experiencing the magic of foliage changing colors is your thing, we suggest visiting the province of Ontario Canada between September and October.

Not too far from Toronto is the Algonquin Provincial Park with its 7725 square kilometers of forest, rivers, and lakes. Rent a canoe to enjoy the magnificient spectacle that Maple and Red Oak offer when they change into their vibrant fall outfits.

If you prefer to explore on foot, go for a hike through the ancient forest of the National Park Bruce Peninsula.


3. For the first snow – Iceland

If you want a glimpse of snow without the full on winter blizzard Iceland is for you with its fresh air and wide-open spaces. Pick and savor the wild blueberries, watch the seals come ashore and bask on the black sand beaches, take a invigorating dip in the natural hot springs, or take part in the traditional "réttir" when farmers scour the valleys to collect their cattle before winter.

At this time, prices are falling and the roads are less crowded, a good idea is to rent a car and drive through the country discovering the different landscapes, waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers. Make sure you even catch the Northern Lights the first of the season.


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