Interview with Jon Arthur... The Photographer

Hey, here is a glimpse of our interview with Jon Arthur aka The Photographer.


What made you pick up photography? 

It was actually not something intentional. I was reintroduced the photography while in Interior Architecture School at Woodbury University. IN the early stages of design, for your studios, we were required to take AS IS images of the site we would eventually design for. I can remember that one particular day when we were in this empty warehouse, and the natural light that was in that warehouse was phenomenoal. I can remember a classmate taking images and I carefully observed her documentation process. I wanted to capture what my eyes were captivated by but more importantly, began to take notice of the mood of the space. I was SOLD!!!! 


How would you describe your unique style? 

I am moved by the spirit or energy that is present. I could have intentions for a shoot, however, once I become present I follow that energy. Not sure if that is unique but that is my approach. 


What type of persons, places, or things do you like capturing the most? 

ALL of the above! If all are present, that is my most fascinating thing or moment to capture 


Can you share with us an embarrassing or awkward situation that you’ve experienced while shooting? 

Tough question……hmmmmm. 


 What unknown thing has photography made you discover about yourself? 

Confidence! I often thought I was anti-social. Photography had revealed that I am observant which is far different than anti-social. 


What advice would you give models looking to be the ultimate muse? 

Be willing to be vulnerable and have confidence in your vulnerability. You are always a co-creator in this journey!! 


What advice would you give fellow photographers to level up their skill set? 


Studying who are, desire to be, was, becoming, will lead you in the proper direction! 


Using photography whats the stamp you want to leave on the world? 

Memory and Identity! Exploring these two are valuable in my photography quest. 


Where can people follow you? 

IG: @eyemjonarthur 



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